Die Cutting

Our die cutting capabilities allow us to make an infinite variety of shapes and styles. We have two die cutters that can cut a wide range of chipboard, folding carton, corrugated board and other materials. We can also assist with structural designs. 

We use AlphaCorr Rules software for structural designs and have a Gerber sample table that can cut sheets up to 75” wide and 120” long. We will fine tune designs until they meet your requirements. Once a design is determined, we can order cuttings dies for the appropriate die cutter. Our Bobst is very productive and has excellent print to cut registration and stripping capabilities. The machine was completely reconditioned in 1st quarter 2019 with added features to enhance its versatility and productivity. The Pioneer is a quick set up machine that can cut a variety of paperboard products from E-flute to triple wall corrugated as well as other materials such as foam core and corrugated plastic.


Min. sheet size
Max. sheet size
Max. speed
Max. Tonnage
Caliper range


13-7/8” x 19-3/4”
36-1/4” x 49-1/2”
5,000 SPH
550 US Tons
20-60 point to E-flute
Double action


80” x 115”
800 SPH


Kathy Gentzkow

I enjoy working with Cauthorne Paper most because of their friendliness. Everyone, from customer service to the drivers, they are all very pleasant to work with and that’s a refreshing feeling. They are a company of hard working people striving to go above and beyond for you. What more could you ask for?

Kathy Gentzkow
Gordon Paper Company