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45" and 72" Sheeters
Length Minimum:     24 inches
Length Maximum:  100 inches
Thickness:              0.003 up to 0.025 inches

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these products


Goebel Rapid-D

Unwind Dimensions

Minimum width:        10 inches
Maximum width:       50 inches
Maximum diameter:  40 inches

Rewind Dimensions

Minimum width:         0.375 inches
Maximum width            50 inches


Unwind Dimensions

Minimum width:        10 inches
Maximum width:       60 inches
Maximum diameter:  50 inches

Rewind Dimensions

Minimum width:           6 inches
Maximum width         60 inches

Guilloting Trimming

Four guillotine trimmers ranging from
42 inches to 61 inches

  Die Cutting

Bobst Autoplaten Cutter

Min/Max sheet length:       18/36 inches
Min/Max sheet width:        30/49 inches
Min/Max sheet thickness:  0.006/0.060 inches


International Right- Angle Gluer

  Corner Cutting

Hickok round-cornering/diagonal cornering single and dual action